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Mythos Clima Pro Grinder
SKU: AMI 722108
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The Nuova Simonelli Mythos Clima Pro Grinder features a low RPM motor which minimizes heat transfer to the beans as they are grinding, asuring the purest estraction possible. Easy micrometric grinding adjustments allows the barista to dial in the best grind for the moment. The disks rotate at low speed for cool grinding and uniform grain size.


  • Mythos One is an On Demand grinder dedicated to coffee specialists, the first to include ClimaPro Technology.
  • Micrometric grinding adjustment system goes beyond the traditional “intermediate settings”allowing extremely precise grind size.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning. Nuova Simonelli grinders are simpleto set up, easy to clean and quick to maintain. At each service a record is kept of the grinder’s settings so it can be quickly restarted, with no waste of coffee.
  • Multi-function LCD display system manages every step in the grinding, so the barista can control every function. A practical and intuitive control panel guarantees maximum flexibility of usage.
  • RESIDUE FREE GRINDING - Nuova Simonelli grinders are designed to expel all the coffee from the grinding chamber so there is no residue. This guarantees ground coffee that is always fresh, long lasting consistent quality and also prevents the burrs fromover heating. The specific angle ofthe burrs in the Mythos is designed to ensure that all coffee is expelled.


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Reviewer: David Morris
01/24/2015 12:40pm
I remember when I first heard about this grinder I thought to myself, "This solves all my problems when it comes to grinding," and that is only true to some degree. The ClimaPro is the perfect example of a product that has a lot of hype and big names behind, but not much else to back it up. First off, the big claim to the ClimaPro was that you could use it all day and only have to adjust once or twice. I found myself having to baby this grinder constantly because of the inconsistencies of my extractions. Secondly, the heating element within the grinder is set too hot, which I think is a huge reason for this grinder's fickle nature. When coffee beans have been sitting idle on top of heated burrs, it's inevitable for the beans to continue to roast within the grinder, giving it a roasty, unpleasant flavor within your espresso, despite the coffee you are using. Lastly, if you are a Extract MoJo geek like me, you will appreciate this. I find it basically impossible to extract at the desired 18-22% even if you extract at 45-50 seconds, which is not good for bar flow at a busy shop. The shots can just taste sour at times, not matter how long you pull them. I will have to say that the one positive thing about this grinder is the consistency of dosing. It was spot on a majority of the time. I will probably ending up selling this grinder, but if you can make it work it your favor, I applaud you.
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